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We are Pixadz, a vibrant digital marketing and web developing company in Calicut. Digitalization is at the heart of everything we do. We design and create the technologies as per the client’s requirements and also work as business consultants by providing the best strategic solutions for their ROI. In addition to digital marketing, the company will provide business software solutions, extensive customization services, and support.

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We Pixadz got technical experts who have more than 4 years of industry experience in providing out of box strategically planning for every business to achieve a return on your investment in digital media. We help to find in reaching your targeted customers which is one of the main solutions that help to grow your business. There are many ways to market a business and we offer unique, innovative, result-oriented and affordable online marketing services with most appropriate digital marketing platforms.

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Web design

We are here to help your web design dreams come true with the new trendy concept and templates that stand out in the crowd.

Web development

Are you in search of any particular service for web development? We can help you in creating that suite your business needs.

Social Media Marketing

We can help to promote your companies marketing goals using social media and thereby bringing your presence online with fans and followers.

Search Engine Optimization(SEO)

We will help to bring your web page on top of search results by optimizing your website on-page and off-page activities with relevant keywords and link building methods.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the best strategies for your business to reach potential customers who follow your trends. We will help achieve your goals

Search Engine Marketing(SEM)

Search Engine Marketing is related to the method of attaining brand attention and website traffic using purchase ads on search engines.


Leap Enterprises

Leap Enterprises is one of the authorized service teams for Nano4Life products in the entire Kerala region. They are providing surface protection services in almost all industries. As our client, their request was to optimize social media and to generate leads for their product in the entire Kerala region. We were able to achieve their tasks with much ease.

Brand Peedika

Brandpeedika is branded as a Youtube channel and its idea is to find out the best quality product from the market and introducing them to the viewers through their channels. As our client, they request us to work on promoting youtube channel and through social media.

Jako Cargo

Jako cargo is one of the pioneers in transport and logistics needs in the middle east. they have expanded their wings to West Africa, Cameroon, and china. As our client, their request was to create a website with a shipment tracking system. We were able to fulfill their dreams to complete the task on time.

Vidyut Enterprises

Vidyut enterprise is one of the leading groups of professionals in the field of electrical commerce and sales based in Calicut. As our client, their request was to create a simple website to showcase their dealer’s product. We were able to submit their work on time with 100% satisfaction.


Medesole is one of the leading suppliers of health care products in India and the middle east. Another successful customer added to our list. Their request was to implement a website for their Qatar region and was able to host the way they proposed.


AGUADAR (DAR MUWAOLIH WATER TREATMENT) is the United Arab Emirates-based distributor of water purification and water filtration processes systems, located in SHARJAH. We were requested to complete a website on time and another happy customer on the way

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Gathering Requirements

In the first phase, we define the requirements. Also, explain business opportunities and plan the time and effort needed to build the project. Based on the information, we evaluate technical and economic feasibility.

Requirements Design

Once identified in the project, we work with stakeholders to define requirements. We use the user flow diagram or the high-level UML diagram to show how it will apply to your existing system.

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When our team defines the requirements, they start working on the project, which aims to deploy a working product. The product will undergo various stages of improvement during this phase.


In this phase, the Quality Assurance team examines the product’s performance and looks for the bug.


In this phase, the team issues a product for the user’s work environment.



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